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Monday, December 12, 2011

Design Wall Monday~December 12

Good Morning!  Another week closer to Christmas! No sweat! I’ve got it licked this year. Small homemade gifts for friends and family. No waiting until the last minute for me!
Here is what is on my design wall this morning. I’ve not been working on a quilt, nor quilt blocks. No swaps, no Quilt Alongs, no exchanges and I was missing making blocks. Inertia and/or indecision were getting in my way. Piecing is the most soothing part of the quilt process for me. Even making a decision on what block to make can be stressful! There are so many choices and so many on my bucket list. I wanted to have something going, in the theory of a block a day. That meant it was going to be scrappy. I went to my saved favorites.  I decided to do these blocks.

Go see the quilt that inspired me.
See the rounded corners? That did it. When I first started making quilts, back in the ‘70ies, I had taken a class at a church and I learned to make blocks and I learned how to layer the backing, the batting and the block. And I learned to hand quilt. I did NOT learn how to sew a mitered corner. For  at least a year my first quilts all had rounded corners. So once again what is old is now new.
I’m not feeling the love, yet. Maybe my blocks are bigger. I’m making a bigger quilt. I’m going to continue. I figure, worse case, I will cut circles from these and make some circle blocks. I find that I am low on orange. Orange never having been high on my favorites list, until I did “A Blockwork Orange”.  Now I love orange and wish I had been collecting it over the years. I hate that I am going to have to buy some. Anyone want to donate some strips?

My husband wants me to make fudge. He loves fudge. Of course I’ve made it over the years but as I don’t like it, I don’t make it very often. I asked him “Do you prefer the kind made with marshmallow fluff or the kind made with little marshmallows?”  His response? “No I want the kind that you make from scratch, where you drop the syrup into the water to see if it’s cooked enough.” Well, I think “HA!” to that. If I have to make it that way, he’s not getting any fudge. At the grocery store, the day after this conversation, the fluff was on sale. I bought one. He put the groceries away and crumbled about the fluff. I’ll wait a week or so. His choice will either be fudge made with fluff or no fudge. I wonder which he will choose?

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