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Monday, January 23, 2012

Design Wall Monday~January 23

Another January Morning in Oregon

That’s neither a good thing or a bad thing, I just felt like saying it.

Nothing new on the design wall. I have not been productive this week. Why does this sometimes happen? I’m retired. I could pretty much sew as much as I like. Sometimes we need a break. Or in my case, I don't want to start another project and I've got things in my way stopping my forward motion.

But wait! I don't think I showed you all the Swoon blocks for the QAL. The goal is one block a week. Of course there are lots of superstars out there doing many more than that. For me, these are fun blocks to make. Yes they do each take about two hours, even with all pieces cut. I love all three of them one and I can’t wait to do more.

You probably wonder “why isn’t she sewing then?" I’ll blame it on two things (but truthfully, a great deal is laziness on my part) 1)I’m out of Kona white. And in fact any other solid that I could see using as a background for more of these blocks and two)sewing with my backup machine is not as much fun as my newer (yet not new, 11 years old) Elna. Both of these problems will be resolved tomorrow. I get to pick up my new machine and I will buy a bolt of Kona white. Now to meet my goals, that sewing machine will really be buzzing for all the days left in this month.

I hope you are finding plenty of time to spend on your quilting and are being more productive than I have been.

Don’t forget to visit Judy’s for more quilting inspiration.



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