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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Festival of Strings Second Entry

Here is a picture of the second entry for the Strings Festival. I struggled with the proportions of the quilt top. I had originally planned on having two more colors, black and brown strips, but once they were done I didn't like them in the mix. That meant that the top was proportionally too long for the width. Aesthetically speaking that is! 

I know that having a longer quilt is certainly a boon for some but it just looked awkward to me. Sooo, I cut off ten inches and will use this as part of the backing piecing.

I'm sure enjoying the Festival of Strings. Be sure to visit!



  1. Gorgeous, Toni! I love how you used the extra piece from the length for the back.

  2. Very neat quilt. I like the crumb piecing in colorways. It is a beauty.

  3. So, did you sew together teeny tiny pieces of fabric and then cut them into strips? This is so, so cool. (And I have a huge bag or three of teeny tiny pieces I need to use...) A very pretty top.

  4. Oh, great quilt! I like the way you arranged the colors into lines. It has a modern feel and aesthetic. Found you via Rachel's String Festival. I'm having a wonderful time discovering new blogs.