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Monday, June 10, 2013

Design Wall Monday~June 10

For today, a few pictures a few words

Block Lotto Blocks. This is the pattern for this months Block Lotto. Come join us!


Several people have won as newbies!  And you can enter as little as one block and still win. I already have too many projects in the queue so I am donating my chances this month but it was fun to learn to make eight HST at once. Sophie has prepared a wonderful reference on making HST. All the way from making one at a time up to making eight at a time. You should keep this reference.

Raspberry Lemonade. I know there are other colors in there but that name just resonated with me. the top is finished. Now it will go on the to be quilted pile. Whew! That pile keeps growing! I love to play with colors, techniques and blocks. I less like layering the quilt top, batting and backing. At least I have already pieced the backing for this one.

This is a Doll Quilt that I just whipped together. I know it is an unusual layout. If I were to do it again, I still might make just that row of pink but I would put them all the blocks on the design wall and maybe play with better a better arrangement. Oh well! I have had these blocks for YEARS and they were going to go to Beth, who takes orphan blocks for donation quilts,
but there were some fabrics that I love and no longer have so couldn't give up the blocks. Sorry Beth!

Sneak Peek. Four of seven iterations of the block. Boy I hope that is spelled correctly. My batch of green scraps was overflowing. I decided I wanted to do a scrappy quilt  and use up some of those greens. I found Faiths tutorial. She used pinks, yellows, oranges and white but I think it will work in a green scrappy version. It was so nice that she has the blocks, A through F, with all measurements included. Behind each of these front squares are the other six blocks.  I am anxious to get them all finished and on the design wall.

List for this month? Short and sweet. Get Joel's quilt finished. I now have the backing and new batting I just need to get those layered. This old quilt was tied so I will retie it. His birthday is coming up and I would like to give it back to him then. My only problem is I need to pull the kitchen table into the middle of the room for a day or two. If only hubby would go fishing I could leave the table "in the way" for the length of time it would take me to finish. Keep your fingers crossed that he, the husband, makes it to the beach this week.

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  1. I have nine of those ships in my studio. I won the lotto a couple of months ago -- it is such fun to get squishy envelopes in the mail with quilt blocks. The clear colors in Raspberry Lemonade are great. I made pinwheel blocks like yours earlier this year and used a strippy setting as well. Have a stitch-filled week!

  2. Love those little boats! And your Raspberry Lemonade quilt! You're right, that name is perfect :)

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