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Monday, May 27, 2013

Design Wall Monday~May 27

Read the rules! Read them more than once. Understand the rules. Simple basic concepts but obviously something I failed to do. Until Saturday. Amy is going to have a Scrap Attack Festival with, and I don't say this often, AWESOME prizes.

Visit here:

I read the rules weeks ago and had a plan that would allow me to enter three quilts. One new, and two from my UFO pile. Yeaa! Three would Increase my odds of winning something. I knew they had to be new, as I first read it, finishes from 2013. Yep! Got it covered!

But then! Saturday I re-read, and this time correctly read, the rules. And the rules state that it does not have to be a finished quilt, tops qualify. Again,Yeaa! That is generous! But then.....tops made in 2013. Gulp! Not finished in 2013? My UFO's were definately not made in 2013. Oops!

So here is the dealio. I did complete a new strippy zig zag for this challenge.

And I do have another  that will qualify as it was made from strips in 2013 and as the rules allow tops I can enter this. It is an almost completed top. Borders on each of three sides and I'm just trying to decide if I should cut to make it shorter, so the proportions will be better, before adding the fourth white border. Which I can do before the deadline.

I have a UFO that I thought would qualify, but it won't, so it is well on it's way to a finish this week. And the other UFO that I had hoped to enter can be put away and I won't feel pressured to finish it before Friday. So, two chances to win a prize, one UFO off the pile and one newly completed quilt. I call that winning! (psssst, but still, keep your fingers crossed for me, it would be fun to win a prize!)

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  1. Love both of your quilts for the contest. Sometimes a long quilt is more appreciated than the width. I kinda like the proportions you have on the second once now. That zig zag quilt is wonderful!

  2. Both of your quilts are inspiring me. But, I don't know when I could get to them. I need some finishes of either recently started quilts or UFO's. But I sure like both quilts. I think the bottom one is inspired!

  3. The white background fabric really makes your colors shine! :)

  4. I stopped by from browsing the entries. I love your quilts, especially the 2nd one. Very inspiring for my 2nd string quilt I'm going to make.

  5. I think you win no matter what for such beautiful quilt tops. I love the quilting zigzags.

  6. Great work with your scraps! The first one esp. is such a great design!

  7. Your string quilts are so inspiring - just gorgeous! I have never seen this method of creating a zig zag pattern, but I think I have the ruler to do it... Will pin for later inspiration!

  8. Such a pretty zigzag quilt. I'm glad you did enter. Nice to meet you!