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Monday, May 20, 2013

Design Wall Monday~May 20

Progress? Sure I'm making progress. But at a snails pace. A quick review of my May list.

Work on Joels Quilt
ReQuilt Trip's Doll Quilt
Borders for the RowAlong
Finish Hexie Doll Quilt
Finish Scrappy Zig Zag

My only finish from the list?

Small, but cute, no?

I've made progress on each but I'm being stopped on two projects due to the "fabric diet". On Joels quilt I was going to use the old backing. Remember, I'm repairing and redoing parts of this quilt. But, the old backing is just too flimsy. I need to buy 8 yards of purple. Eeek! Even with a coupon this is going to increase my blood pressue.  On the RowAlong. I did finish the last pieced border but I want/need an inner stop border. I've auditioned many fabrics from my stash but I just can't find "the" one. I've given myself permission to buy new fabric for this. It's just getting into town to shop.
The Trips doll quilt? I've just not gotten there but I will. I still have, what eleven days? And the scrappy ZigZag WILL be finished this month. I don't want to miss out on a chance to win some of the wonderful prizes being given by Rachel of Stitched in Color.

Visit for some pictures of other scrap, strip, quilts. I would love to win the roll of batting, swoon!, but where would I store it? Beyond that are many other wonderful prizes. She has generous sponsors. If you have a strip scrappy project almost done, you might consider entering. Remember, eleven days left in this month.   Pssst, notice earlier I said "strip scrappy project". It doesn't have to be a full size quilt but it must be a new finish, not yet having been posted.  Quick! Finish one up! I might even get a second one done!

Earlier I said "my only finish" from the list. Because....tah dah!

I should be working on UFO's but new projects just excite me. So I made these Wonky stars from scraps and finished up this doll quilt last night.

And I was inspired by a class listing from the Pine Needle in Lake Oswego. The colors were so pretty.  I sorted through my fabric scraps and this is what I have on the design wall. Lots of rearranging of fabrics to be done but I will get this pieced this month. Pretty combination of colors don't you think?

Need more inspiration? Visit Patchwork Times, Design Wall Monday.





  1. Sometimes lists can make us a little crazy and sometimes make us feel like we're failing ... when our muse just wants to work on something ELSE. Being creative and making things–whether they're on our list or not–is always all good. I love the project on your design wall–I can see why you might decide to work on it instead ;-)

  2. Two great finishes!!! Love them both.

  3. I love your HST''s great colours, I need to make a hst baby quilt for my cousin but am trying really hard to finish up WIP's first... You're a bad influence! :-)