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Monday, October 8, 2012

Pink and Gray

Another glorious, unusually sunny day, in Oregon. In October! We are so lucky!

My sweet sister Joanne teased me about being long winded in last weeks post. To even things up I’m going to TRY to keep this post shorter. So I can get back to sewing.

I have always loved pinks and gray as a color combination. While everyone else is lovin’ yellows and grays, I think pink and gray does not get enough recognition. Fortunately for me, that should mean that my current project should get lots of attention. Hopefully in a good, supportive, way.

What do you think? Some blocks may end up on the back rather than the front, as they may be a little jarring to the eye but for now this is what it is. Each block has a reverse block of the same fabrics,

I am loving this block and colors. These blocks are made from fabric from my scrap totes. Well, except for the Kona Ash, it was in my stash, unused so not technically a “scrap”.

In last weeks post I mentioned that I had made a list of projects for this quarter. This pink and gray project was scheduled to be worked on with a goal of doing three blocks a week, along with my block a day project. But, I’m loving these colors and loving these blocks, and while I’m not, yet, behind on my block a day, I’m definitely doing more than three blocks a week of this one. These 18 blocks are all from the past seven days! What can I do? I’m addicted!


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