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Monday, October 1, 2012

Fabulous, Sunny October 1

What a wonderful September we have had! I could have gotten a little more quilting done but the weather has been so fabulous that I’ve wanted to be out there rather than in my cozy little sewing room.

Let me report on the Finish A Long. I had said I would finish four quilts but I actually finished three. With a little extra effort or more of an “it’s good enough atttitude” I could have finished the fourth. The fourth was the Granny Square Quilt Top. I struggled with the quilting pattern…the same reason I was short a quilt top finish the last quarter. (Still unfinished) I quilted, unsewed, quilted, unsewed, and finally did end up quilting one third of the quilt, with quilting that I liked.

When I was young I was notorious for starting projects and not finishing them. I usually lost interest as soon as I ran across a problem and I didn’t want to undo or deal with it in any proper manner.  In the “Age of Aquarius”, when everyone asked “What’s your sign?” I was able to blame it on the stars. I’m an Aries. It’s well documented that Aries can’t be blamed for not finishing projects. It’s an Aries trait. While I’m still an Aries, and I still have a pile of UFO’s, I like to think that I’m adult Aries. I have gained patience. I will unsew, resew, take out an offending block or whatever is necessary to finish a project to my liking. My UFO’s are caused by my mind taking an interest in another project, not because I’m struggling with the first one. Yes, still an Aries peculiarity, but to me, a more acceptable one. If I need to unsew, I just put a movie and get busy doing what needs to be done.

Having said all that, I want to commit to only two finished UFO’s this quarter. One will be the Granny Square
And the other will be this Friends and Flowers. I have chosen this one as it is smaller AND it is one of my older UFO’s. In fact, it is the first quilt top I ever posted on Flickr several years ago.

But don’t think I’m not going to be busy ! I made a list yesterday of the other things I want to get done for the fourth quarter. They are:

The qroup is doing cross or plus type blocks this season. I wasn’t going to participate as I had done several of those this year. Until I saw this: I only want to do about twenty blocks so for this quarterly group I’m going to plan on doing two per week.

But I do like doing a block a day, it soothes my soul, so I’ve also started this: I will endeavor to do a block a day of these.

And then, don’t forget “Block Lotto”. I already know the fabrics required for each of these next three months and even tho’ we don’t know the block pattern yet, I know that I will be making blocks each month for this group. Hopefully nine blocks for each of the three drawings.

AND, remember, I'm still doing the Row A Long.

Plus I have a quilt to repair for my son/grandson and another quilt to make as a donation to Oregon Dachshund rescue.

Whew! I’ll keep myself busy! Cheerfully busy!

I hope you each have your fall projects planned for this next quarter. Or even this next month! 



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  1. Well, at least you won't get bored, lol! I like the granny squares, it is so bright and happy ~