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Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22~A Blustery Day

Don't you love when I give you a weather report?

What am I up to? I've got lots going on.

Here are my apple blocks for the Bee in Your Bonnet Row A Long

Here are some flannel nine patches.

The lightest flannel and the green and burgandy are "leftovers" from my sis Joanne. I do tease her about this fabric as she already made one quilt with them. Gave me the leftovers. I added some fabric and made another quilt with the same fabric. And as I was organizing my sewing room the other day I started measuring the scraps and found that with the addition of a little more fabric I can make a third quilt! She still doesn't know how she overbought so much flannel. I don't over think it, I'm just grateful. Righ now I have 60 blocks done, with many more to go. The blocks will finish at 6 inches.

I also have finished all the blocks for my Star Cross Quilt top. Just need to clean off the design wall and those blocks up and arranged. Then sewn together.

And for whatever reason I decided that instead of giving my irregular tinier scraps, less than 2 1/2 inches, away. That I would do some scrap blocks. Here are the first four.

Don't we all need some mindless sewing? I'm learning from these. I'm learning that I need to add some more angles to make the blocks more interesting.

And THEN, as if I need more sewing, I am making two aprons. From these fabrics.

Busy? Sure! But I love it!


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