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Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday~ October 30

This year is moving right along, isn't it? Getting close to Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, but also getting close to Christmas, my least favorite holiday.

This weekend the conditions were perfect for making progress on many projects. I had plenty of time. I had the perfect blustery, rainy, no guilt weather. I had all the fabric and miscellany required to finish some projects. I had a list of priorities.  I had a good book. What! How can a good book entertain you while you sew? It can't unless you do books on tape (I don't. I've tried). I did not have a good movie or series to watch on the computer while I sewed. Is that necessary? No. Sometimes I just want the peace and quiet but then, the book kept calling me. So I read too much.

My list included aprons, Block Lotto Sneak Peek Blocks, flying geese and "place pinks." The following is what I did on each.

Aprons. Not a single stitch was taken on the aprons. The big bloggers give you sneak peeks of projects for a couple of reasons. 1)They are making a gift and they don't want to ruin the surprise 2)They are getting ready for a show or book release and they need to save the reveal or 3)they want to tease you. I want to tease you so I'm only showing you a portion of the aprons.

As for flying geese. I wanted to get 48 little geese done for for this row of the Lori Holt Flickr Row Along that I've mentioned in previous posts. This is how many I did.

Sorry, isn't it? But aren't they cute?

The Block Lotto Sneak Peek blocks are finished. I did five and even managed to find time to embellish one with embroidery. I actually only like three of the five enough to put into the drawing for blocks. You won't see a picture here. Yet! See, we participants in the Sneak Peek portion of Block Lotto have promised to not show the project early.

And "place pinks" What the heck does that mean? The last few weeks you have seen over and over again my pink Star Crossed blocks. They are all finished and I've taken them off the design wall and now I need to get them back up and in their final position and begin sewing them together. Unfortunately, I can't cross this item off my list either.

Oh well! I'm retired! I'm sure I will find time to work on these projects later this week! I now have some DVD's to watch.



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  1. Your flying geese are so cute. I worked on mine last night. Not done either.