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Monday, August 29, 2011

Design Wall Monday~August 29

Not much to chat about today. Here is what's on the design wall. I have two bowties going. One with just white in the negative spaces and reproduction prints and this one. I was only going to use primary type reds, greens and blues but find I don't have many of those in my stash/scraps. Because of that I am having to broaden the shades. It's probably pretty obvious that this isn't the final arrangement.

I'm working on a UFO and it will be finished Wednesday in time to claim my August UFO success.. It's something I started in the '80ies with hand quilting but I no longer like. I was going to donate it as it was but then thought "hmmm, take out the hand quilting and then practice different marking techniques, walking foot work and FMQ". It will still be donated but I will have gotten full use out of the prior work of piecing, sandwiching and basting. I sure can use the machine quilting practice!

I did not make any progress on last weeks top but I hope to before weeks end. Also I am dying to make a doll...look here; . Isn't this too flippin' cute?

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