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Monday, August 22, 2011

Design Wall Monday~August 22

This is on my design wall.What was going to be a wall hanging but it is too dang cute! I'm going to add some more borders and make it a baby quilt. I love doing that size quilt!

The pattern came from here:

I will be adding circles to mine too. Do you know I found seven different ways to do circles? I don't mean cut them out, last year I decided on my favorite way to do that, and no, I don't have a GO!Baby. Of the seven ways I found, I've tried three.  There are two more I want to try and then I will decide which to use on this quilt. They are: 6 minute Circles and also the Steam A Seam method. I'd used fusibles before but haven't liked the stiffness they leave. We will see if I've changed my mind.

And, I know, some are sick of this and others will be thrilled to see it. Below are pictures of Pineapple Blossom finished! First picture is finished, unwashed, second picture is back with part of front pulled around and third is washed, quilty goodness, my quilt! Be kind, this was my first time FMQ a large quilt. Notice, no closeup pictures! Tomorrow I will do a quick blog showing the closeup and noting (I've started keeping a FMQ journal) the things I've learned.

Remember, these fun blocks are from my win at:  
And the original pattern came from:

And for more design wall fun:


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