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Monday, July 25, 2011

Design Wall Monday~July 25

Yawn.... I'm feeling a little sleepy. I mean we have had a few days of summer here in the Pacific Northwest but today is dreary and it sprinkled. I don't mind rain but as it is July I expect more sun! Maybe we will have a fabulous September, which is my favorite month in the PNW.

Not much to write this morning.  Here is a picture of the Pineapple Blossom again. This time I have some continuous prairie points pinned next to it. This technique is so cool!  I did some first in an ugly fabric (how do we ever end up with those?) to make certain I understood the technique. And the smaller ones make the ugly fabric attractive. Well, less ugly anyway! And then I did a few in a second trial as I wanted bigger ones for the border. Easy Peasey as they say! I'm going to be using this technique often in upcoming baby quilts.
Keep this will be happy you did

My plan yesterday was to get the prairie points finished and on, piece the back for this quilt and get it layered and then begin quilting today but....I needed to get caught up on my Bowtie Blocks after spending a few days at the beach with no sewing machine and I was so excited about the Block Lotto Sneak Preview blocks that I cut 9 and finished 5 of those. Shhhhh!  I can't say any more. The blocks are kept secret each month until the reveal. And I did more yo yo's. I will have to update my yo yo progress bar in a few minutes.

And I have to show you this absolutely, postively, cute, cute, cute apron thatTiff made when she was here this last week. It was her idea. She said "Nana, let's make an apron". We did spend time looking at patterns on line and narrowed it down to a few but I was thrilled when she chose this one that I had saved as a favorite along time ago and yet hadn't gotten around to making. Now I want to make bunches of them!

Here is the site for this:

Visit Judys website to see what else is going on for Design Wall Monday

Just so you know...even after all this ....  I'm still yawning. Too bad I don't drink tea or coffee.  And to think, I said "not much to write about"  Have a great week!


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