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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Design Wall Tuesday?

Not really!  I didn't have anything new to show on the design wall. BUT, I did get my February UFO(s) done! You will be able to tell by the fabric that both of these quilts are very old. Not quite vintage but probably from the early '90ies.  When I made my list for the 2011 UFO Challenge, number 8 for me was "Whirligig" but when I unfolded it, I found that I had two! So I decided that even tho' I wasn't very excited about them, I would finish them.  Here they are, they will be used around here, certainly not given as gifts!

And what about my January UFO you ask....wellll, I had hoped to show that today too, but I've not finished hand sewing the binding.  I should have it done by Friday.


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