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Monday, February 7, 2011

Design Wall Monday~February 7

If I showed a picture of my whole design wall, it would pretty much look like last week. I'm playing too much and not working on my UFO's or my Monochromatic quilt but quilting is supposed to be fun.Not an exercise in "have to do"

So I played! I want to do an airplane quilt and I want to do a blue and white quilt. So I think I am going to combine both and later this year be able to cross two off my list. Let me tell you about the following blocks.

In a Fons and Porter book there is a quilt called "Safe Landing" very much like the blue and white block above. I cut the templates and I cut fabric for one block. I started sewing and found...had I not paid attention earlier? That the block required set in seams. I hate set in seams! Many people hate curves, I don't but I do hate set it seams. I struggled with the block, it was only going to be a test block anyway but after that one, I knew I was not going to be making a full size quilt using that pattern.

But now that I've been working on being "liberated" I thought "ha! I can modify that block and it doesn't have to have set in seams."  That is what I did. Thus the blue and white block.

Then I thought "that was too fun but not exactly what I want so why not continue to play and use a tutorial I had saved previously and make another airplane?" It doesn't require templates. It doesn't require measuring and there are no set rules. You know what an airplane looks like. I made the blue and gold block from the following tutorial. (Thanks Amy!)

The gold and blue plane isn't exactly what I want either, the proportions are wrong but now that I've done one from Amy's tutortial I'm feeling very bold and this week I will continue to play with other sizes of airplane blocks, different tail options and different propeller shapes.

We are all artists. We just have to believe that we can do it!

Do you have an airplane block that you really like? I would love to see other designs.


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