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Monday, March 4, 2013

Design Wall Monday~March 4

First things first....did I meet my goal of 4 UFO's finished by the end of February? Unfortunately no. Did I make progress on the last one? Yes, I did! Thanks for asking!

I can give you a couple of excuses. Excuse one.....we started doing a jigsaw puzzle on the kitchen table, the only table large enough to layer even a small quilt. Excuse two...Our little Chunk girl was diagnosed with IVDD and is on total crate rest. 24/7. So I'm worried and packing her around in her crate to make certain she does not feel alone. Who knew that 10lbs (without the crate) could feel like so much? So I am emotionally drained, plus there is a toll on my shoulders and back. But being fair. Those ARE just excuses. Thinking outside the box, I could have layered it on the floor. I could have layered it on the cutting table, while narrow, with a little effort it could be done. Or I could have layered it on the sewing table, after moving everything. Again, narrow but doable. I was just lazy. I was ready for something new, rather than something old.

Soooo, instead of working on the oldest UFO. I continued to work on my Pineapple blocks. Those are beginning to get old to me too! And Block Lotto Blocks. At least those are new and fun. I read the instructions, pre-cut much more than for the nine I wanted to finish for the swap and spent time sewing. The pattern and colors are another good pick by Sophia. How does she manage to do it after all these years? Unfortunately I was having so much fun putting the blocks together with fun colors that I forgot....EACH ONE was to have a white, a gray, and a color of my choice. Whoops! Why do three blocks have the first two rows of pretty colors but nary a gray or white in sight? There are only three rows to the block. How am I now going to incorporate gray and white? Darn! I was having too much fun putting the colors together from all those precut sizes that I forgot about the gray and white rule. Oh well! I will unsew those at a later time. For now I have plenty of precuts to accomplish nine blocks.

If you haven't tried Block Lotto, you should. I've had fun. There is no pressure except a challenge to use different colors and skills each month. And that is only for the months you have time for extra blocks. And you could win! I have had very good luck with Flickr swap groups and with Block Lotto. But was very disappointed by the quality of the fabric/work on a lottery type swap on Facebook. So, if you have tried a swap and have been disappointed, try again. Try Block Lotto.


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  1. I tried to get last month's cute blocks for block lotto put together, but I failed. This time, I have my grays looking me in the face, and I hope to accomplish a few this weekend. Hope your fur baby is better soon. I love a good puzzle going, I start one at school sometimes for the kids to come take over. My class this year love the challenge of a "harder" one ~