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Monday, March 25, 2013

Design Wall Monday~March 25

My blog today will be short and sweet. Just like me!

I couldn't stand my sewing room. There were piles everywhere. You know how you pull out fabrics trying to make decisions and then don't put it away? I found I was having to move my stacks off the ironing board onto the cutting table and vice versa to accomplish anything. So I got busy. It's not perfect but certainly an improvement. Notice I added the cute piece to the top of the armoire. I wonder how long it will last?



And yes, even tho' it doesn't show, there is no more fabric sitting on the dog crate!

I was productive after that and got three quilts basted and ready to quilt. Too bad I have to do my taxes today! But tomorrow, or later today if I'm lucky, I will start quilting those three. I have to, personal goal, get two done this month but would be thrilled if I could make it three!

And I love hexies! I only needed about sixty for this doll quilt I wanted to make. They were fun to do but I was rather nervous, I'm a worrier, about sewing them together. But here are the first five and I found them easy. Of course, I am not a perfectionist so someone else may not think I've done such a good job but they all look good to me!

 Now I'm worrying about taking the "paper" actually card stock, out. I wish I had read the blog that suggests punching a hole in the paper before using them to make them easier to remove. See? I'm already worrying about that!

Have a great day! Enjoy!

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  1. Well, my goodness, at first glance I thought you had posted 'before' pictures of MY sewing room. LOL I even have a piece of that Fall fabric laying out in there along with seasonal wallhangings. :D Good job---now could you come and do mine???? ;D