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Monday, February 11, 2013

Design Wall Monday~February 11

Good Day! Of course it is! For me anyway, and I hope for everyone reading this.

I've not been very productive. Even after getting my machine back on Wednesday. I am having a difficult time getting back to the projects I had planned on finishing. I would much rather start a new project but just can't let myself do that. I have so many UFO's that need work. I'm in a state of inertia.

/iˈnərSHə/ inertness, especially with regard to effort, motion, action, and the like; inactivity; sluggishness.

Blech! A perfect definition of me! Once I get started I will be fine. It's the getting started again that is difficult. I have kept up with my goal of four Pineapple Blocks per week. And I am keeping up with Lori's Row Along. This last row was spools. Simple spools. I've just folded the row in half for the pix.

About my sewing machine. It is an Elna, about 12 years old, but I really, really like it. It is such a pleasure to have it back. It is so much quieter, so much nicer when doing small pieces, and I like the position of the needle and foot than my old machine. BUT, the problem with some of the newer machines are there are things they just cannot fix. In this case, the reverse, pressure sensitive button, is going out. It can't be replaced. At least I still have the backtack feature and so will continue to use the machine but how frustrating. I want to be able to replace things, not have to do a work around or buy a new machine. Whine!

And the day I picked up my sewing machine I did stop at my LQS and buy some fabric for the pineapple corners but boy did I make a bad choice there! I thought maybe something with gray to repeat the gray in the third row, but boy was this wrong!

Oh well. I love the fabric. It won't go to waste. I'll just have to try again. Something ligher and brighter.

I'm SOOOO lucky! There are women in my TOPS group that do donation quilts for a charity that supports missions in Africa. While doing our donation quilts for a local group I took all the leftover scraps and told them I would love to have any scraps they have left over for donation quilts of my own. They had told me they didn't like to cut leftovers into strings, strips, or small squares. Whereas I find cutting like that to be very soothing. Anyway, they told me last week, they have two BIG bags for me. I can't wait to see them. Lucky me!

And, there is another opportunity for me to get more bargain fabric happening this next Sunday. Our local SDA Church is having a big fabric and yarn sale. They promise there will be all size pieces and bolts of fabric. I'm going to be there when the doors open at 10:00. They even have a special, although I don't know all the details, where you can have a plastic grocery bag of fabric for $5.00. It will be fun and hopefully I find some "can't live without" bargains.

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  1. I love your pineapple blocks. Maybe once you get your new scrap bags and sale fabric you will get your mojo back. Happy Quilting.

  2. I love the pineapple blocks. Do you know where to get a good pattern for it? I also love cutting material into small blocks there is something soothing about cutting material. I have been working on a huge 2 1/2 inch block project (small block, huge project) and have cut up thousands of blocks.

  3. The pineapples are darling. And I like your spools!