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Monday, February 18, 2013

Design Wall Monday~Feb 18

I had so much fun yesterday and it only cost me $7.00! Our local SDA Church had a fabric/yarn sale yesterday. You could fill a plastic grocery bag (we still have them in our county) for $5.00 or you could fill a brown paper grocery bag for $7.00. There was lots of fabric but I had missed the sign that said "Quilters Stash". Luckily a volunteer came to me and said "Are you a quilter? You look like a quilter. Let me show you our stash."  They had a room dedicated to fabric suitable for quilts. All nicely sorted by color. I started out with a plastic bag, as really, I was only shopping for a few reds, my stash is short on reds, and I was looking for a backing for a donation quilt top. Primary colors, please.

Do you think I only came home with that plastic bag partially full? Heck no! I had to upgrade. I came home with a brown paper bag full! There were older fabrics like many in my stash, there were some poly/cotton blends, there were pieces of newer fabrics, some that I owned, but in different colorways and there was plenty of white, cotton, muslin, (I forgot I wanted to go through that stack). You had (got!) to sort through lots of fabric. AND it was all clean and did not smell funky. Good job SDA quilters! Here are pictures, sorry the colors are off, but look what I got!

Ten of the pieces were larger than one yard and one piece is five yards. The five yard one is perfect backing for a brown and blue UFO I want to finish. And I did find a wonderful backing for the primary donation quilt. I had to cut and piece that one a little as there had been curved pieces cut from both ends and those curves made it too short without a little "rearranging". Besides those two, there is another red and white piece that will give me a beginning for the backing for my red and white UFO. Some of the other older, calico fabrics I added as I've been playing around, in my mind, with the idea of making some antique looking doll quilts. Winner, winner!

One of my goals for this year was to finish two UFO's per month. I got a slow start but I now have two finished and washed:

Today I will use that primary backing to layer another small UFO.That will be finished this week. That means I should have time for one more this month. Okay! They may all be smaller, but they will be finished UFO's.



  1. WOW! I wish I could have come to the fabric event and filled some bags!