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Monday, January 7, 2013

New Rules for 2013?

It has been interesting reading my favorite bloggers ideas for what they will accomplish in 2013. Everyone has addressed their new "rules" and promised to finish more UFO's. The nice thing about quilt tops and projects is that they are easy to measure. To quantify. That is if you can find them all! I made a UFO list. I counted 47. Reading the list I know there are some missing. I have memories of them. I don't know if they are missing as in I donated them or if maybe they are smaller and are wrapped in a larger flimsey. I wasn't brave enough to unfold them all.

I just reread my blog posts from last year and found that I set "rules" in January. And then changed the rules in June and still did not meet my goals. It is sad to say that I only FINISHED six new projects and one UFO all of last year. How many new tops/flimseys did I complete?  I didn't count those, but I would safely guess at least 12. 12 new UFO's. How sad!

So.....I'm not writing a new set of rules. I'm not making promises. I'm not joining a Finish Along.  I'm just going to listen to that old commercial in my head. Let it become my mantra "JUST DO IT". I'll continue to do new quilts. How can you help it when there is so much inspiration out there? But I will have to finish, or donate, more, made with love, goodness, than I produce.

Now on to something else. I did not win Block Lotto in December.  Darn! But I has suspected I might not. I mean it is a gamble! But, as mentioned in an earlier post, I made extra blocks just for this eventuality. And here they are roughly thrown up on the design wall. Ignore the right hand side, there are rows of strips behind the blocks.
Sorry there is no picture on this post You will have to take an extra step to see the blocks. For whatever reason blogger isn't letting me browse and upload from my files.

As I had already made two cross type blocks this year I decided to set these blocks on the diagonal which means I will need to add setting triangles.  Hmmmm, when doing such a scrappy quilt, how do you decide what color to use for setting triangles. Anyone have suggestions? I would love to hear them.

Visit Judys Design Wall Monday for more inspiration!



  1. No finishing along for me, or making long lists of UFOs (the list is made and mostly unchanged from last year -- I'm just not looking at it!)

    My plan for 2013 is playing with my stash and seeing what I can do with it.

  2. I'm trying to use the stash, too. There is enough fabric there to make a mountain of quilty projects...hmm, setting triangles...maybe audition a few; definitely use a color or print you like.
    Have fun with them, they look very neat ~