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Monday, November 19, 2012

Turkey Day in Three~ And I've NOT Shopped

Okay, today will be the day. I will make myself make a list (ugh!) and go the store and actually shop for Thanksgiving day dinner. Hopefully people that had to shop this weekend, as they are not as fortunate at I (retired) did not deplete the stores. There is no way I would have shopped this weekend. Nor will you find me shopping on Black Friday!

Last week I said I would not be doing any new quilts until after the first of the year. That doesn't include swap blocks does it? I mean it's not like a whole quilt.  I found a group on Facebook that does a block swap everyother month. You only play when you have the time and like the block. The blocks for the current swap are Poinsettia's. You can make them any color that Poinsettia's currently come in. Looking that up, I found a rainbow of colors. I'm going to stick with reds, pinks and maybe a cream or two.  Here is the link:
And here are my blocks so far:
Also, there is always someone that needs a little help. And right now Quilting for Kids is asking for block donations.
I've volunteered to do two, purple and gold with a white wonky star center. The tutorial we are using is very well written and can be seen here:
Here are two blocks already turned in by volunteers, I've not done mine yet but will today.
Purple/gold star block for Quilts for Kids      For quilting for kids
If you have gold and purple scraps you might volunteer a block or two.

I did manage to decide on an arrangement and sew the flimsy from last week. 

Now when am I going to get that quilt repair done that I mentioned last week? My sis Joanne says "put on your big girl panties" and get it done. I think she meant ahead of these swap blocks! I WILL begin working on that project beginning Black Friday. Which would be worse on Black Friday? Shopping with hordes of people or repairing a quilt? For me it will be better to work on repairing a quilt! Even if that is not my favorite thing to do, it is better than shopping!

Don't forget, for more quilting inspiration, visit:  for Design Wall Monday.
Happy Turkey Day! Enjoy!   Toni


  1. Cute Poinsettia blocks. I love the rainbow quilt.

  2. I just participated in a swap with a Yahoo group and we called them posy/posie blocks. I never thought of just doing poinsettias. Cute.