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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Result of Thanksgiving Eating!

 My tummy is still too full. Of course it is because I keep eating leftovers. We pretty much cleared out the refrigerator yesterday. We each being true “fooders”, our term for our eating habits, we are not as sophisticated at “foodies”, would announce to each other each time we finished something out of the fridge. As an example, Gene would say “I made room by eating the rest of the pumpkin cheesecake.” While I was more like “I finished off cheese stuffed celery.” Anyway, tonight will be the infamous, and I love it, Turkey and Noodles.Not much to show today. A quick pix of the Row Along, casually pinned on the wall. See the “leaves?” The newest row.

 And then a snapshot of the scrappy rows. I think I will do a red row of scrappy this week. And then on to making some Christmas gifts.

Remember, I can’t start any NEW quilts but that doesn’t mean I can’t do blocks! Yesterday was spent doing some sneak peek blocks for Block Lotto. I can’t show those yet, it’s a sneak peek. I’ll show them to you next week. At first I thought “nice little block I’ll do a few for the peek and then be done with it”. After doing five and putting them on the wall, I liked them together more than I had originally thought, so I continued to do more, finishing at nine. Now after looking at them again, I think I need a few blocks with light colors being more dominant so today I will do three more. Maybe, come January, I will win the drawing. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I hope you found some time to relax and enjoy your hobby, or obsession in some cases, this past weekend.



  1. Love your row alongs! So pretty.

  2. Oh my gosh I LOVE yours. This is going to be a really cute quilt and I love that I have friends all over that are doing it too. I wish I could photo mine as good as you have!