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Monday, June 18, 2012

Missing! Two Blogs!

Sorry! I know the big time bloggers prepare their blogs in advance if they are going to be gone. Or they post from their laptops when they are gone. Obviously I didn't do either of those. But I'm back!

I had written about the Twister Template/Tool and quilt top that I made earlier this year. I included some negatives but the technique still interested me. I wanted to do a baby quilt and I wanted it pink, mostly. If you hate pink you might avert your eyes now.

I read recently that is is not "in" to make baby gifts that are "pink for girls" and "blue for boys". Sez who I ask? Anyway, I wanted pink and I wanted to try another twister. This time I wanted smaller pinwheels so made my own template. Cardboard. I was trying to use my ruler (I don't own a five inch square and that was what I was cutting the blades into) to protect the cardboard and having to move the ruler and reposition it so often, just seemed tedious.  So, instead, I drew around the template, and cut one at a time out with scissors. One by one. The old fashioned way. This was I way I did it in the seventies.

I found it very satisfying. Don't get me wrong! I'm not giving up my rotary cutters. Does the term "...from my cold, dead hands..." mean anything to you? But I enjoyed the slower process so I decided instead of doing handwork like these dishclothes.

I'm going to work on some applique. It's been years and my first attempt isn't that good but like anything else, I know it will improve as I go.

So, just a reminder, slower can be good.


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