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Monday, April 2, 2012

Manic Monday~April 2

April 2nd. The first quarter of 2012 is over. Time to review goals and adjust as necessary. At least for me! Mentally (I don’t think I ever put it in writing) this year I was going to finish two quilt projects a month. Last year I finished twelve UFOs and seven new projects. Admittedly some of these were wall hangings but notice even this year I put in the word “projects. And although two quilted projects per month was going to be a stretch. I thought I could do it.

Where am I? I have finished two wall hangings, one lap quilt and one large quilt. SWOON! And no UFO’s. You can see I’m sadly behind on my goal. And the one thing I didn’t tell you about that January resolution was that I also told myself “do no harm”. And that meant do not create any more UFO’s. But I think I have. Created UFO’s. It depends on your definition of UFO. Could I tweek my definition to work for me? Sure! But honestly. What do you consider a UFO? For me, it means, did I finish the top and then set it aside and start something new? Did I put the fabrics away that I was using on that top? And, sigh, I have to say, that so far this year I’ve added the Blue Flying Geese and the Granny Square to the UFO pile. Still folded and visible, not yet put away in the closet, but still, sadly, close to being UFO’s. Additionally, there is Hopscotch on my design wall and the New York Beauty Quilt Along. Will they become UFO’s?  Hopefully not. I'm still on target for Hopscotch and here is a picture of last weeks New York Beauty blocks.

Being fair. I am actively FMQ a Halloween quilt I started two years ago. And this weekend, I layered and started marking a Rainbow quilt from the end of last year. So I’m not totally neglecting the UFO’s but I’m not meeting my goal.

And my new thought? Doll Quilts! I will share next week.

Did you notice that in this post I did not delineate my new goals? Hmmm, don’t put it in writing.

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  1. Wow and wow. Beautiful job with the NYB!!!