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Sunday, March 16, 2014

International Quilt Day and Other Fun Things

Just a quick note here. I've had another wonderful weekend living at the beach. I know there are many versions of "If you are lucky enough......." but I can honestly say "If you are lucky enough to live at the beach, you are lucky enough." And it doesn't matter that it has rained all weekend!

I enjoyed sewing on International Quilt day with a small group of quilting friends. Many people that usually sew with us were either working at the quilt show or enjoying the quilt show.  I got "Brynn" my latest "Quilts from the Heart Project" layered, basted and even began quilting.

Today was spent quilting and going to the "Peninsula Quilt Guild" show. Over 100 quilts and it was so, so hard to vote for favorites.  I tried to not be influenced by the quilters, as I knew many of them (again the joys of small town living). My personal criteria was, difficulty of pattern, execution and color choices. The only bad thing about the show is that I was inspired by so many that I have new quilts to add to my personal list of ones I would like to do. As if I need more inspiration!

I did manage to finish "Brynn" today. Unfortunately I am unable to hang this finished quilt. The trailer is too small, the walls are too hard, and the quilt is too heavy. I hope you can get a feel for the calmness that the yellow, blue and white bring. Here are the before and after pictures.


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