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Friday, January 17, 2014

January! And I already have some Christmas Gifts Made!

You might ask. What are these? In general terms they are my January finish for the Christmas Challenge. We are challenged to start making Christmas gifts now. See more information on this link.

As for specifically what they are, they are neck warmers for dogs. These are made for little dogs. I will gift them to friends this Christmas and I will continue to make them throughout the year to donate to the Oregon Dachshund Rescue Holiday Bazaar. See the Facebook page and  “Like” the Oregon Dachshund Rescue here:

It’s a fun, pretty mindless project to work on when you are watching tv or waiting for an appointment. Each one takes less than 1oz of yarn.

My friends really stepped up when I asked “do you have little bits of left over yarn”.  You would not believe how much they donated to this project. Thank you Beth and Dianne!

And please, remember to check out your animal rescues before making a donation. Always verify that they are an actual 501c Charitable Rescue. We hear too many stories about “rescues” that are not legitimate. Those poor dogs suffer not only once (losing their first home) but twice by being put into poor conditions in “rescues” that are unable to adequately care for them.




  1. So cute! What a lovely gift and donation.

  2. Gosh what a fun - and clever - idea! Good on you!!

  3. What a neat idea for the dogs!!