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Monday, April 15, 2013

Design Wall Monday~April 15

Sometimes you just have to make a decision or you never get started and therefore never finished. I have had a quilt to repair for well over a year now. I've asked for and received advice right here on this blog that helped me make some decisions, so I feel like I have a plan and know how to proceed except.....fabric. Darn fabric! This quilt is black and brights and I used poly back in those days. I am taking four blocks out to replace and of course, with the years, the colors have faded. No problem. I can deal with that. But I can't find any good quality (some may think that was impossible in the first place) polyester. I've searched Ebay, thrift stores, online and I've even gotten a sample from New York but I couldn't find a "nice" polyester in yellow. I found a "satisfactory" one in black but the yellow was impossible. So Friday I thought "Okay, I will use the black poly and the yellow cotton." Except then I didn't. I just couldn't. So today, I've decided I will use Kona cottons on both, those four blocks will just be heavier then the rest. Right after this post I am going to pre-wash them and get going....Unless I change my mind again. This shouldn't be this hard!

Secondly, last week, I showed a hexie doll quilt in process. That should have been done, except, I can't decide....should I applique some hexies in the border? Should I just quilt hexies shapes in the border? All over, or just at random? Or should I just forget hexies and something different. So here again, a decision has to be made before I move on. Arrrggghhhh!

I am used to making decisions. I was a Buyer and Purchasing Manager for thirty years. I made snap decisions all the time. But when it comes to this creative process, and let's be real, if I don't like my decision, I can undo it, pass it on, or just forget about it. I struggle. I spend much too much time deciding what to do.

I did make a decision on what design I was going to use for Rachel's, from Stitched In Color, Scrap Attack over on Flickr.   Here is the beginning.

Actually I have all the stripped color blocks done (I think!) I just need to arrange them, (more decisions?) sew them together and get myself into town to buy a bolt of Kona white and finish cutting the white parts. It is not too late to join the Quilt Along. Entries for prizes can be any size and you have until the end of May to complete.

And I had a tiny finish. Sometimes you just have to get something done!


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