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Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunny Monday~May 14

Another gorgeous day in the Pacific Northwest. Of course all the sunshine means I don't sew as much but it does make everyone happy!

Why do we love our local quilt shops? Product knowledge! I'm lucky to live about 20 minutes from "Let's Quilt" a quilt shop in Oregon City. Last week I showed you the Twister quilt that I didn't like. I went into the shop to look for a blue that "read" like the blue that I had on that quilt top. I was going to replace it all. Francie didn't have anything that would work but she said "that's an older Jinny Beyer palette, I'm sure you can find it on line." What? Jinny Beyer? How could she remember that? Wow! See this was a scrap and there was no selvedge so I for sure didn't know who or what it was. Anyway, Francie was right. The second place I tried had it in stock and in three days I had it. See the top now.

And who doesn't like surprises? I got the fabric from "The Fabric Shack" in Waynesville, OH and the surprise was they included a free gift. A couple of bobbins. You gotta like that!

Gonna leave you now. I'm working on another baby quilt top. I've volunteered to do a quilt for a club member but I'm doing three tops and letting the other members vote on which one I should finish for Amanda...our young pregnant friend.

Hi Joanne! (my sister says I don't mention her enough!)


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  1. Wow, that was lucky! I'd love to use my LQS but there isn't one anywhere near me.

    I love that quilt top, the blue is gorgeous.